Last few years I have been studying and researching how the law of the universe and our brain are functioning. If only my parents and education system knew how does it work.
Humans are one of the species which are born prematurely especially in the first couple of years we have to be looked after. In the same time until we are about four years old we hardly communicate but this is the period of time we can remember a previous life the most.

Even between four and seven when we are the most creative we are influenced and limited.
How many times any of you were told stop talking to your imaginary friend when you were little? Is sad when you think about it, us adults think we are doing a great job narrowing down children’s creativity.
How can we call it otherwise if we don’t let kids being kids? When we are fully developed we think we know all and children should learn from us. It may sound controversial but we could learn more from the kids than kids from us.
Imagine how your life could look like if we lucky to have patents and education system teaching you about limitless potential instead of passing over own insecurities and limitation. I can bravely admit that my parents and teachers limitation wasn’t mine until they implemented to me by the form of repetition showing and saying over and over again.

This is how our subconscious absorbing things after the age of seven.
Before that, you have to trust my words or do the research yourself.
Let me tell you a bit about our subconscious it is like a hard drive in the limitless computer. It is a written program our brain is running like the function of our body and organs is looking and making sure is running plus recording information from the conscious mind,, thinking mind” from the outside world. When you look at the power between conscious and subconscious mind subconscious mind is million times powerful.
The subconscious mind is running our biology from 95 to 99 percent,
Every day all day on our conscious mind is running not more than 5 percent, the rest of the time our subconscious is taking over.
If you like it or not we all been programmed in our very first years of life.
If now we know 95 percent of our lives comes from the programs you might think what about my creative wishes and desires that are only 5 percent so if your life doesn’t match your wishes and desires are just because you are running the program and implementing someone else wishes and desires.

How we can get out of this matrix and live our lives to the fullest I mean our lives. First of all, we have to recognize the problem then we can reprogram our subconscious mind. How it is possible to do it like anything in our lives we learn the process by repetition.
The two minds learn differently conscious mind is called creative can learn by reading, watching videos, etc.

The subconscious mind is a habit mind it doesn’t change very quickly and this is a good thing otherwise habits fall apart is resistant to change.
Is all about habituation, where you make a practice out something repetition is the key to master anything. Another way to reprogram our subconscious is hypnosis.
Under the hypnosis, we can rewire the brain because in that state our brain function the same as in the first seven years mind is operating in a low vibrational frequency 3 to 8 Hz theta brainwaves. We can get into it just before we fall asleep just when we wake up and in deep meditation.
The method I personally use is going to sleep with the headphones on
listening in low volume affirmations.

I’m starting to gain knowledge about the third method which is new is called energy psychology and activate the brain to a state of super learning. If we engage super learning we can rewrite subconscious in about 10 minutes it sounds even scary to be something we have on our subconscious can be rewritten in 10 minutes. Even in sound scary, I do think about it I like to do research and implement in my life.
Imagine if you could learn a few new skills in 10 minutes how your life could be different.