Reeducation is a word of various perspectives. A thorough reeducation has the ability to significantly influence any outcome. Over time, history has used methods of reeducation that should be analyzed. Mankind has enforced reeducation for both good and evil. The intentional altering of someone’s mind is always the outcome when reeducation succeeds. This is a cause and effect correlation that should never be taken lightly. 
In 1955, China implemented reeducation by labor to indoctrinate the minds of prisoners. This form of punishment was targeted towards rebels and anti-communists with minor convictions. This strategy was a clear violation of their human rights for various reasons including the fact that they illegally deprived inmates of a trial by jury. Fortunately, the standing committee of the national people’s congress ended this dreadful operation and released all prisoners on December 28, 2013. This did not stop the overall attempt towards reeducation by labor, but this bold act of justice made a necessary example for all.
Though dark activities were established under the influence of reeducation, there is a positive side. Places like Pressley Ridge exist that have active programs like re-ED that are developed in the name of reeducation. The program’s intentions are to help and mentor troubled children and families to cope with life in empowering ways. They have powerful philosophies for their families that can inspire us all. For example, they believe that the body is the armature of the self, and time is their ally. These are only a few examples of the positive mindset re-ED can reveal. The nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization is changing lives by providing mentorship to children and families during and after completing the program. Participants are strategically paired with a mentor that genially enjoys mentorship. This mentorship process allows both the mentors and the participants to bond by building solid relationships and experiencing positive development together that will last a lifetime.
Proper reeducation is a legit tool that can bestow benefits for us all. The digital age is another factor that proves that time is our ally in this equation. The digital age regularly introduces new information and resources that can shape a massive wave of positive education for the modern learner. The convenience of the digital age is an act of reeducation itself. Mankind now has access to knowledge and even accredited experiences that can give those who take it seriously a sense of credibility. The digital age and its knowledge makes unethical practices of reeducation really complicated to establish. On the other hand, Positive reeducation is easily done because of its accessibility.
Reeducation possesses the genius ability to alter minds for better or for worse. If time allows humanity to fully take advantage of this extraordinary concept then, the future will always be bright. Reeducation of the right information can shape the competent mind into a beacon of light for a greater humanity. Knowledge is an element of power that can awaken a remedy for any situation. Once positive reeducation has begun, the journey will never end.