Our mind is the most powerful thing we got. All the creations start in our mind this is where it all begins everything was created it started in the human mind simple thought, but what if we have a fixed mindset. Majority of us have two kinds of mindset first the one called fixed I call it lazy the one which loves comfort zone. Second is called a growth mindset the one ready to action always open to absorb new information driven by the soul. It all starts in the first six years of our life. let me explain to you why the first six years are crucial. Human is species which are born prematurely. Even when we are born prematurely we are born perfect. The main function of our mind is protection this is programmed in our mind, this is why we can’t stand unknown. Our brain will do everything to bring us to a familiar program. Why six years and why is so crucial. Think of a brain like of limitless computer with a hard drive which is our subconscious and software the mind easy to control and manipulate. Is scientifically proven everything in the universe is vibration (waves ) even our thoughts. Between age 0 and 7, our brain functions mostly on Theta 4-8 HZ state of deep relaxation, meditation, mental imaginary I call it like a sponge subconscious,, hardware” is ready to absorb and program any information which is limitless. Best example multilanguage is much easy for a toddler to learn a few languages same time than for adult learn second. The young brain is simply limitless. Unfortunately after the age of six programs is already written. All the information we get from parents school and society is controlling our later stage of life. How we see everything our perspective plays a big role in our decisions. Let me remind you of the main role of our brain is keep us alive, surviving and is very common anything going to be exaggerated. Some of us are the lucky one witch have good parenting, schooling, etc. Let me explain in a simple way by giving you examples. Imagine two babies one is born in a royal family in westerns world and another somewhere in a poor part of Africa. It doesn’t matter what gender skin color nationality both have the same potential. In very crucial first years of living one of them will get anything is needed, all day on will listen to how special is and can get achieve whatever he or she wants. The other one will only hear lack and limitations will learn quickly that life is only suffering and unfortunately will think is powerless. This two example was an exaggeration but first few years play a major role in our adult life and way of thinking. It doesn’t mean we are sentenced for mediocracy. Even if the first years of our living plays a big role in our lives we still can reprogram our subconscious mind,, hardware” is not easy but is possible. How to get rid of the fixed mindset switch it to a growth mindset or even limitless is not easy but is simple. The first thing we must acknowledge there is the problem be open-minded than the key to learning anything new is repetition when you repeat over and over again we can learn anything or even reprogram old beliefs. Believes is the main thing to create and believes are nothing less than acceptance that something exists or is true, especially without proof.