With advances in technology, it is now more possible than ever to work full time from anywhere you desire. Remote work can make a laptop lifestyle possible giving you more time for traveling or seeing the world.

There are so many different jobs you can do right from your computer, making you a laptop business person. Travel can be entirely possible if you find a job that can be done right on your laptop. Here are a few options to get you thinking. The possibilities are endless for remote work, making a laptop career and geographic freedom within reach.

Virtual Assistant 
Virtual assistant jobs are often very flexible. Some people just need an extra set of hands to do tasks for them like answering emails, setting a schedule, returning messages or other laptop business. You don’t need any specific qualifications for a job like this, just the desire to put in some time and effort. 

Sell or Rent
If you’re thinking of taking your laptop skills on the road or in the air, consider renting your car or home out while you’re traveling. Doing this can allow you to make money passively while you are off exploring. Service like Airbnb can help make this easy and allow you to connect with people traveling to your area. While these services take a small fee, the profits can be significant. 

If you’re a writer or editor, there are many opportunities to write for websites or blogs. Lots of people are looking for content for their page but don’t have the skills or the people. Freelance writing can allow you to set your own schedule, making travel a possibility. Your laptop business can be a profitable and creative one. In fact, if you’re traveling the world, chances are you may be able to get paid to blog about your journey somewhere. 

If you’d like to have your laptop journey be a chance to teach someone a new skill, consider online teaching. There are many services that connect English speaking people with students hoping to learn. While applying can sometimes be a rigorous process, once you’re in you can have major geographical freedom. Teaching can happen virtually anywhere and people are always needed to do this service. 

Take surveys
Your opinion can be worth money. There are numerous websites that work with companies looking to get consumer opinions on products. You can make your laptop business into an opinion shop. Surveys can pay for each one. Sometimes, they’ll send you a free product as well that they’ll want your opinion on. 

Cash Back
If you’re going to travel, get a credit card that has great cash back rewards. This way, you can earn money on things you’re buying anyway. Many credit cards offer great cash back as well as a sign on bonus, which is essentially free money. Websites can also offer great cash back opportunities. Don’t purchase any laptop business or traveling supplies without checking one out first. 

Sell your travels
If you’re on a journey around the world, you’re probably photographing it. Consider selling your pictures to stock photo websites. Lots of places pay big for simple landscape or nature shots. Location shots are needed too for blogs or websites. Pictures enhance the online experience and they’re always in high demand. You can also consider selling photos to newspapers or magazines if you see sometimes beautiful or noteworthy. Sometimes if a photo is chosen as a feature, it can pay pretty big bucks. If you develop a good relationship with a publication, they may pay you or recruit you for certain shots.

Document your journey
Make your laptop business into profit by starting a blog or Youtube channel. A lot of times, people love to see a place online before visiting. Your footage and views of a place can really help someone. The more people the view it, the money you’ll make. If you get enough of a following you can host ads or sponsorships. The possibilities there are endless. 

Remote Work
If you already have a job and travel opportunities arise, consider just asking if you can be a remote worker. If your systems are mostly online and you are a reliable employee, it is entirely possible. Many companies hire full-time employees who don’t work out of their main headquarters. Remote employees are just as valuable as long and their productivity and reliability stay the same. While not all careers allow for this, many make it possible. If you’re already able to work from home on occasion, it is entirely possible your employer may go for the idea of you working remote. Traveling opportunities don’t come up often, so they may allow it.