Over a year ago after one of life’s disappointments, as usual, I got back on the right track. If that was first-time maybe I would suffer a bit longer but not this time after so many similar situations not with my spiritual knowledge and realisation this was nothing else but another attachment. After studying spirituality absorbing the information past few years one of the quats of Buddha stayed in my mind,, the root of suffering is attachment ” we put our selfs into this because in our minds we create our own pictures of people or things, we are not seeing the way it is we just expect the way we wish to be. The main reason we suffer is our perception of seeing the situation and attachment. As usual in my life and I think in everyone lives I have achieved a better outcome. The same old question I ask you and my self where do we grow the most usually when we face a struggle in our lives.This time I was mature enough and ready for new life directions and outcome. I really wanted a big change in my life. It wasn’t just the financial aspect I was craving for change. I wanted more geographical than financial freedom, but for sure one of the aspects was financial because in my mind trading time for money was gone long ago. Our education system is and was out of date the majority of us think we have to work hard or crazy long hours to achieve our goals. I was brought up this same way watching my parents working hard long hours all the time. The question is what and how. I even started to think I should study trade then my intuition told me is not for me, is kind of gambling than I thought I want to gain new knowledge not dependent on luck most of the time. I don’t remember what I was watching on YT but one of the adverts popped out the advert got me started my new entrepreneurial life. In the far east, they say when a student is ready the teacher appears. This time I was ready to learn new skills because in my early age education I always was trying to find the easiest way to go through an outdated education system.
Working past few years on my mindset I wasn’t afraid to start a new path but for sure was surprised what a period of one year can bring into my life.
Digital marketing in my mind Is a future, we spend the majority of the time online anyway more and more jobs are replaced by artificial intelligence.
Is been more than a year I have been studying online I am nowhere near I wanted to be not just because of first few months I was procrastinating but the more I know the more I can see how little I know. The road to achieving my goals is long and I’m not expecting the short cuts every couple of months my goals getting bigger so all I am doing right now is trying to fall in love with the process. One of the main goals for me is to grow to change myself learn new skills so I will be able to to bring value to this world and help others to change them lives. And if we look around people need ideas leadership to stop suffering not because lack of information but for two reasons first is an addiction to suffering, at last, we feel something isn’t it? instead of getting out of the comfort zone we whine and complain we prefer to carry on the life we hate and second the lack of directions we do have dreams and goals but absolutely no clue how to start a new life. Back to the outdated education system we have been told all the tusks in our life we have to do ourselves when you ask for help is like cheating on exams that is why we have a problem to even ask for help in many aspects of our lives.