Hi Thank You for stopping by my site and getting to know a bit about me. It’s great to have you here i hope i can help you on your journey to a life of geographical and financial fredom. 

My name is Michal Jazdzewski i’m a professional affiliate marketer,meaning i make money online by selling existing products and services that i trust for a commision. Joining The Six Figure Mentors has been the answer i was looking for, i have finally found a way to tap into the booming digital economy which is still in it’s infancy so i can create the lifestyle i’ve always wanted. Is  not difficult to express how passionate i am to the possibilities and opportunities telling people to Wake Up if they feel stuck or unfulfilled in their jobs and lives. Doesn’t everyone dream of the geographical and financial freedom, have an income that is only limited by the amount of work they decide to put in ?

I Created ultrasuccessful.net as a means to have two way conversation one part is expanding my journey in entrepreneurship and one part giving back. Can you relate entrepreneurship with spirituality absolutely yes. Most of the successful entrepreneurs re not in business because they wanted to have a ton of money, most of them had some certain motives that made them work hard towards them. The biggest achievements in spirituality is happiness, but the materialistic or physical things can’t bring you fulfilment or happiness because you will always want more . What will really make you happy is to doing the  things what you love to do. Majority of people go for doing the things that will fetch those materialistic things they think will make them happy. To get it anyway they do jobs they don’t like or even hate. When you pursue you your passion you will find the happiness because you are getting to do the things you  really want. Even if you fail on the way you will still continue because you find desire  doing it and everyone knows that persistence brings you success. Fallow you passion do things that make you happy , not makes others happy like friends family or society.Nothing gives you bigger fulfilment in life than helping others, when i found out is not about me but about helping others miracles started to happens. So my vision is simple to help as many people as possible. To do that i had to find the way to educate myself first before lead people to find the system that allow you to create, build, grow or take part in anything that is meant for you to live the life you were meant to. A life of balance, quality of time, quality of work, quality of health, quality of relationships.

A bit about my past. I was born and raised in Poland until age of 17 i have lived happy careless life. I lived with my parents and two older sisters. All my childhood i had m0re than enough of everything. My father was technical engineer could provide for all of us. My mom started to work part time in my late teens. When i was 17 and half my father got very ill diagnosed with cancer. Six months of the treatment didn’t help he passed away two days after my 18th birthday, that day from careless teenager i have become the only man in our family. After my high school graduation i have decided to start my university and work part time, that was the only way to afford it. My ambitions was turned off when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of studying and working i was the only one in my family who could look after my mother. Both of my sisters had families already and lived far from home. Luckily my mom was getting better and better however i have neglected my work and university, got into big debs and had no choice to drop out and move abroad for better life prospects. Age 21 came to UK had no choice in the beginning to work part time only and attend to language college to improve my English. Few years after i have started work in transport industry as a driver my only goal was to pay my debts off and support my mom from time to time. Through many years i was feeling unfulfilled i took a good look at environment i was surrounded with in my work place and the lifestyle my work colleagues and myself were living. This wasn’t the lifestyle that i desired to live. I was working long shifts most of the week. I had zero passion for what i was doing. But this wasn’t deal breaker for me it was the fact i have to be away from the people that i care about the most. I didn’t want the future like my work colleagues who have families and miss out their children’s childhood all because they slaving all day behind the wheel. I was about start my own traditional business just like few of my friends and family where i will be stuck in one geographical location and would require over 60+hours a week of my time. I was brought up with the concept that time is money, so either way this is how i would be earn my income that was until i discovered digital Entrepreneurship! also adopted the concept that,,money is byproduct of your value to society”If i had a job as driver or even started my own business i would be earning the amount of income that i deserved working in an economy that is very unpredictable. Entrepreneurs on the other hand are the leaders who provide solutions to problems and are remunerated by the value they provide, and in the world that is starving of leadership there is no greater time to provide value to the world through the power of the internet.

Our lives  doesn’t get better by chance, it get better by change. So how i provide the value? The internet has allowed me to run online business and therefore live a life of true freedom and happiness. My business is running 24/h from anywhere in the world with no boss to report to and unlimited earning potential. It is now become a passion of mine to educate others so they can also live a life that they always dreamed-of. There is nothing more rewarding that helping struggling people turn their lives around, create freedom for themselves.

Enter The Six Figure Mentors like everything online i was skeptical as to whether they could be trusted. But consider myself at last reasonably intelligent and with the mindset like ,, is to good to be truth” all we can get is mediocrity life. I went follow my intuition and decided this was the option i wanted to invest in. Wow i am glad i did it! Creating online business is not easy requires time and dedication however, for those who are committed and willing to dedicate necessary time and effort the potential rewards are Life Changing ! Potential for success depends a lot from individual’s mindset because of part SFM training focused on developing the mindset of successful entrepreneur. In order for you to hit next level in life business you must be willing  to grow and equals discomfort. A comfort zone is beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there! Took me only few months by taking lessons from the best mentors i have ever came across to change my life completely, not just financially the best part of is my mindset day by day i am more confident in my life and in front of camera.  I have started to love my life again ,,life is good” lack of IT and marketing experience has meant nothing , as i have been supported every step of the way through one to one mentoring as well as the support and incredible connections i have made through SFM’s amazing community. I am proud to say  it has taken me from complete technophobe to building this website! I can honestly say i’m blown away by what is offered by the Six Figure Mentors!

Remember Life has no remote.. You have to get up and change it yourself! I hope you going to join our lovely community soon …

*Disclaimer–    What sets us apart from other online business opportunities is our world class system and methods, as well as our integrity-so we want you to know exactly where you stand. Note that individual results will vary. No results are guaranteed with the help of our training and business systems. All the products and services we provide are for educational and information purposes only. While our member testimonials of success are verifiable, this doesn’t mean you will get the same results. There are those who will not earn any money at all with our program because individual results will depend on your determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.